Formerly known by its previous name,, is a popular online survival game. You will morph into a little fly during the course of the game. In order to progress through the stages, you will need to fly and gather food. During the course of your development, you will face off against species of a larger size. Fly in order to feed or to become bait for other players. 


Characteristics There are 45 distinct species of animals and eight stages of evolution. You begin with a somewhat little fly.
Capable of flight on the surface, below ground, and also along the axis.

You will compete alongside a large number of other gamers.

How to play

Take in green things to eat and animals. Steer clear of monsters with red borders, since they will eat you alive!

You will need to stay active and eat often because there are hundreds of other players vying for the same resources as you.

Keep a close check on the amount of water you have available, as this will be a must for your survival.

One unique quality will be possessed by every animal. You can advance through the game more quickly by taking advantage of your particular ability.



Controls Guide

To move about, use the WASD keys.

Fly by clicking to the left.


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