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Blumgi Ball

Blumgi Ball will be unlike the typical online basketball games that you can play for free and unrestricted on our website, and not just because you can also play it on your mobile devices. In addition, it turns the sport on its head by incorporating platform-adventure elements, and you get to play with some of the loveliest basketball athletes in the world, such as ravens and amphibians.

We trust you're prepared to gratify your ardent love of Blumgi Ball. This enjoyable sports game incorporates puzzles and riddles. By aiming at the rim and adjusting your force, you can focus your projectile on the hoop. How fast can you shoot the ball through the hoop? All the best!

Blumgi Ball is an entertaining basketball game to play as a ninja. Similar to traditional basketball, the objective is to score baskets. To get the ball into the basket with the least amount of exertion, you must coordinate your tossing force and trajectory. A player who can take accurate strikes and score goals with flair is a formidable adversary. The slingshot system is utilized by drawing the indicator to determine the requisite force and releasing it to hurl. You can purchase new, more potent characters with the points you earn for completing levels.

Ways to enjoy Blumgi Ball

Move the mouse cursor over the target to aim and fire your pellets. The greater the distance you draw the line, the greater the force behind your hurl. If you click again while the orb is in the air, or press the spacebar, your character will teleport there.

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