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Jump Dunk 3D

In the sports-themed video game Jump Dunk, players demonstrate their athletic prowess by attempting to achieve a variety of challenging objectives, some of which include trampolining, baskets, and basketball.

How does one go about playing Jump Dunk?

In this version of basketball, your stickman will play the game while jumping on a trampoline and aiming to make baskets. Determine the most appropriate moment to launch the missile. You are free to go on to the next trampoline if you are able to successfully throw it into the container.

You will have the opportunity to acquire used to the gameplay principles in the game's first stages, before you are joined by any other players. Once the tournament has begun, the goal is to beat your opponent by completing all of the objectives, including throwing the balls into the receptacles, advancing along the course with amazing jumps and front flips, and completing all of the obstacles.

Instructions for Playing Toss the ball by clicking the left mouse button on the pointer.


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