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Bouncy Basketball

The physics-based basketball game dubbed Bouncy Basketball features pixelated graphics and a single button. You control a basketball athlete who sprints around the court in an effort to make baskets. In the game's two-player mode, the user competes either against the machine in question or another human player.

In Bouncy Basketball, you can leap by pressing the space bar or the D key on the keyboard. While in the air, it is possible to discharge the ball by releasing the spacebar or the D-key. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, you can also move your character around the court.

The object of the game is to surpass your opponent by collecting more points than they do. You will earn points for putting the ball in the basket. When you take a shot, the closer you are to the basket, the more points you will receive. In addition, it is possible to earn points by dunking the object.

The game ends when either of the participants reaches a certain number of points or when the allotted time expires.


Controls Guide

The D or space bar key: Jump
When the Space Bar or D Key is released: To fire, use the Arrow Keys: Move

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