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You Hit Me

You Hit Me! is a humorous platform game with puzzle elements that is inspired on role-playing games. During a succession of absurd levels, try to reach the exit. To get through the magical gateway, you might have to sacrifice one or more of your comrades, though.

Your goal in each level of this fantasy game is to get one of your RPG party members to the magic portal. To get there, though, you could actually have to step over one or more of your teammates! What a vicious campaign.

Use a character with specific abilities against your colleagues if you believe they will not survive. Another figure can be thrown across the dungeon, transformed into ice and moved into place to block a perilous obstacle, or you can use your arrows to pin them to the wall.

Controls Guide

The arrow keys to move quickly and jump.
To swap between roles and weaponry, use the buttons on the screen.
To change characters and weapons, you can also hit the spacebar.

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