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Worm Hunt Snake Game IO Zone

In the brand new multiplayer game Worm Hunt Snake Game IO Zone, you can create the biggest and strongest worm. A large number of hungry worms are confined to a small area in this Battle Royale game.

Of course, everyone wants to take the biggest share to advance and dominate this area. However, as time goes on, the area of Deep Hunt: Snake Game IO becomes increasingly narrow. When this happens, a five-second countdown timer will alert you, and the vanishing field will also turn red. Go now, hurry!

Controls Guide

Use the mouse to control your worm, and the spacebar to accelerate it.

  • Run to the safe place and carry on eating there if you are in danger.
  • Avoid getting too near to the edge since your surroundings are a threat in addition to other predators.
  • There are many different sorts of prizes available on the field, but there are also power-ups that can shield you or make you magnetic, such as causing everything around you to draw you in as if by magic.

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