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Wood Block Tap Away

Wood Block Tap Away is a difficult block puzzle game. The object of the game is to move every cube off the screen so that they are no longer there. However, since blocks can only move in certain directions, you'll need to use a strategy. You can rotate forms by sliding your finger across the screen to find the ideal angle.

Controls Guide

To make the cubes fly, tap them!

You will be given a block comprised of several smaller wooden blocks, each of which has an arrow pointing in the direction of how you may remove it. When the screen is clear, the level is over. To remove the blocks, tap each one until none remain.

Try to do it quickly so that you may earn a lot of money, which will then be transmitted to your bank. Be aware that each level's puzzle will be more challenging than the one before it, but also more enjoyable. No matter how challenging they are, can you complete them all?


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