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Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a rogue-lite-style gothic horror game in which the player must repel hordes of approaching creatures. Vampire Survivors is an average survival game with roguelike elements and a rudimentary system.

Since every inhabitant has now arrived. You cannot conceal or flee. To end your torment, all that is required of you is to live as long as possible until the Reaper appears. By amassing gold in each round, one can acquire enhancements that simplify matters for the subsequent survivor.


Things and Gems do not evaporate; Collection is permitted at will.
Acquire a minimum of zwei to drei offensive weapons before progressively enhancing them.
When uncertain about which early-game investments to make, armor and fate are prudent Enhancements.
Refunds of bonus funds are entirely free. Frequent Experimentation with novel Combinations should not elicit fear.


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