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Trap the Cat

In the game Trap The Cat, you have to catch a cat inside a specific chess board without letting it out to win. The game is pretty basic. By clicking on places to make them darker, you try to catch the cat. Every time you click on the panel, the cat will go in a specific direction and you have to stop it from running away from your console.

You can play the game Trap The Cat multiple times per day. Due to its simplicity and the limited number of opportunities you have to accomplish goals, this pastime is becoming increasingly popular. You don't need to download or install anything to play Trap The Cat game, it's completely free. You can only focus on catching cats using the grid structure in Trap The Cat.

Controls Guide

  • By darkening the spots with the mouse, try to catch the cat.
  • The cat is always moving in any direction.
  • After each attempt, the color of the spots will change to show how close you have come to the cat.
  • Keep the cat can not escape.

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