Share Chaos Giant Chaos Giant Chaos Giant is exciting game with superheroes and brand new gameplay. You can choose your favorite superhero to fight against the enemies. Collect weapons and upgrade your superhero to become invulnerable on the battlefield.

Collect experience points to upgrade, you can pick up support items on the battlefield. Hard work collecting daily bonuses and doing daily quests will help you unlock superheroes quickly.

 Key Features 

  1.  Diversity of languages with 16 popular languages in the world. 
  2. More than 30 superheroes, you can unlock and use by watching ads or doing daily tasks, participating in the lucky wheel.
  3.  As you level up, your character's size will also increase.
  4. When one hero loses, their weapon can be used by another superhero.
  5. Collect items to open new maps, like "Speed up", "Invincible" or "Grow up".
  6. Seven-day rewards, lucky spins and daily quests.

Controls Guide

PC: Move mouse to move, left click to attack.

Mobile: Touch Virtual Key.

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