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Slice It All

You have to overcome the obstacles in Slice It All game! To halve many of the obstacles in your path into two equal halves, flip your knife and tap it. With a sharp knife in hand, nothing can stop you!

Cut through a variety of obstacles, including pencils, tubes, and more. by flipping your knife at the right time. You must always keep the knife in the air. You have to keep tapping and flipping the knife to make this happen. Much higher cutting chances can be obtained by using the handle to bounce off the obstruction and flip back. Keep your hands out of the water to avoid stopping your run! Avoid falling into the ditch in the same way! Try to pass the dark gray checkpoints there! A simple but difficult game with a pleasant and lively interface to give players a vivid visual experience.

Controls Guide

To slice through fantastic obstacles and reach the finish line, tap to turn the knife.
To succeed, the knife must eventually touch the scoreboard.

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