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Retro Street Fighter

A fighting game played from the side that will make you feel sentimental is called Retro Street Fighter, and it will transport you back in time. Dieses Game utilizes 2D-Pixel-Imagery, giving it an Old-School-Feel and Appearance.

You will have to battle your way through various stages, each with its own unique set of foes, and demonstrate your prowess along the way. You have the option to choose from seven different levels of difficulty in order to test your skills. During battle, you will be able to utilize a variety of different moves, such as strikes, kicks, and blocks. However, use caution because some of your foes are tough & dangerous.



Controls Guide

On a personal computer, the J key is used to punch, the I key to kick, the K key to jump, and the L key to block. On adaptable, drag the movewheel to the left or right. To attack or defend, you must tap the appropriate button.

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