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Pet Trainer Duel

In the exciting game Pet Trainer Duel, you can teach chubby cats to lose weight. These cats need immediate weight loss to stay healthy as they are quite overweight. Change the kittens by training them! You must lead the cats on a training route to do this. It is advisable to stay away from sought-after meals. Always let them choose the harder way to charge your weight loss and lighter at the end of the level.

Controls Guide

To move the cat right or left, press AD or the left/right arrow keys.

For best training results, avoid giving the cat fish and let it use the water bottle instead. If you spot a treadmill, turn around immediately. Let your cat scale further barriers and cross your fingers that it doesn't fall into the icy water.

You may even compete against a friend in split-screen mode in Pet Trainer Duel. Which cat has dropped the most weight and is the most athletic in the end?

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