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Parkour Craft Noob Steve 2

In the second installment of the Parkour Craft Noob Steve 2, players will go on an exciting parkour adventure, in which they will have to overcome challenging stages and make their way out of an empty ocean.

Participate in this thrilling sequel and embark on a journey to demonstrate your parkour skills alongside Noob Steve over a series of challenges. Dieses Videogame provides an intense and immersive parkour experience that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It has stages that are increasingly more difficult, colorful landscapes that are loaded with blocks, and the continual worry of running into cold waters.

How to play

Make an effort to avoid drowning in the empty ocean! Finish every level. Hop over the blocks and avoid falling into the icy water by jumping over them. Engage in a competition with your companions. 
Your parkour abilities are about to be put to the test! 
+1 You may demonstrate your expertise by completing ten distinct stages, each of which is increasingly more difficult. Additionally, you should make an effort to reach the portal that is located after each level.



Controls Guide

The right joystick or the mouse. To look about, use the left joystick or the WASD keys. To leap, use the jump button or the movement space button.

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