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Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft is a 2D game created based on the gameplay mechanics and features of the original Minecraft game. Choose your favorite character and game mode to start the fun. This Scratch game includes the creative and survival modes of the original Minecraft game. Paper Minecraft was created in 2013 by a fan of the original 2009 Minecraft game (Griffpatch). Paper Minecraft is the ideal alternative. Play Paper Minecraft now.

Game Modes

Creative mode

In creative mode, an unlimited number of tools and building materials are available. You can fly throughout the biomes and explore diverse terrains such as forests, water, rocks, and fields. This game mode is ideal if all you want to do is build cool things and share them without worrying about your stats.

Survival mode

Survival mode requires skill and agility. In this mode, you start with empty hands and must rely on the environment to protect yourself from the monsters that roam the night. You can build a farm and feed yourself, mine resources to make weapons and build defenses to protect yourself.


  • Paper Minecraft game is completely free.
  • Two exciting game modes for creativity and survival.
  • Build and protect your farm.
  • Building on the Minecraft game.

Controls Guide

AD or right and left arrow keys for W or up movement Use the arrow keys to jump.
Left-click for digging and placing blocks.
E for inventory and chest access.
F to eat while holding a thing.
Space to separate an item in the crafting menu stack.

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