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Noob vs Zombie

Noob vs Zombie is an adventure in which players must traverse through labyrinths of various biomes teeming with zombies and foes. Noobik was abandoned with the corpses in the labyrinths after the professional betrayed him.

Conquer the obstacles of each biome and vanquish the undead in order to locate Pro and engage in an epic battle amidst the deceitful technology and interference of the cheater. Acquire and upgrade weapons with the coins you earn, and search chests for gold and mysterious artifacts. To accomplish your objective, traverse villages, caverns, deserts, and the North Pole while avoiding traps, foes, and puzzles. Anticipate a captivating gameplay experience that offers the chance to gain levels and acquire valuables.

Do you possess the fortitude to confront the zombies, the supervisors, the pro, and the cheater? Embark on a thrilling journey through the game's intense encounters against zombies and skeletons, which will test your Mettle. One hundred new zombies, various impassable labyrinths with automatic stairwells, and new items and explosives are all available in Noob vs. Zombie.

For added exhilaration, you can purchase and upgrade new weapons to increase their power in order to confront the most formidable foes. Prove your superiority over the more than two million players that have already engaged in the game by eliminating a thousand zombies, locating the Pro, and overcoming the Cheater. You will investigate a variety of environments, including the North Pole, villages, caves, and deserts, each of which presents you with distinct obstacles and puzzles to solve. You will encounter a cast of characters, who will present you with coins and other valuable artifacts to help you along your path.

However, watch out for the Cheater, whose devious technologies will attempt to impede your progress. Noob vs. Zombie is an exhilarating and addictive game that will surely provide hours of entertainment. A game that features enigmatic hidden items, challenging gameplay, and thrilling battles, this game is certain to appeal to action and adventure enthusiasts. You can now experience the thrill of being on the hunt and the excitement of the pursuit as you navigate a world of peril and mystery by downloading Noob vs. Zombie.



Controls Guide

The arrow controls, Z: Fire, X: Up, and Space: TNT Fire

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