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Mr noob Jailbreak

Have fun playing this brand-new and thrilling game! A Mr noob Jailbreak. As you attempt to evade the guards of the prison and make your way as far as you can with the greatest score, you will need to jump, slide, and shooting the guards as well as the weapons of the enemy!

Once a courageous young man makes the decision to get out of prison, he rushes across the rooftops of buildings and makes an effort to get as far as he can. However, he runs into a large number of guards and prospective opponents, who will exterminate you, if you do not react quickly enough. In order to perfect your aim and advance with the highest-scoring jumps, you will need to control the actions of the small person and shooting utilizing slow motion. Have a good time playing this casual game and the many others that are available for free. The Key Features The game has elements of action, shooting, and adventure. A casual game of jumping and shooting The Minecraft-inspired Videogame You are able to play on mobile devices, tablets, and personal computers.


Controls Guide

In order to shooting, use the right mouse button, the W key to jump, the S key to slide, and the space bar to activate slow motion. To play games on mobile devices and tablets, use the touch input buttons.

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