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Masquerades vs impostors

Masquerades vs impostors is an incredibly entertaining new two-player online game set in a pixelated world and pitting two types of characters against one another: Masks, a red and blue character donning a mask, and their sworn adversaries, the two impostors, who are also blue and red and have four arms due to a mutation.

Who triumphs in a masquerade or impostor contest?

While controlling a character, employ the arrow keys to move and leap. While controlling the other character, use the WASD keys to move and jump. To defeat the impostors, drop on their skulls while controlling another character. If the concealed object does not match in hue, the level will be lost.

How to play

To switch between two characters who are extremely separated, utilize the icon below;  in certain levels, each character is responsible for a distinct section of the map.  Occasionally, to progress, one must engage a lever or press a switch to unlock a door.  Constantly strive to collect every coin at each level.

Now, if you encounter green creatures, you must be aware that they are lethal to both of your characters; A single contact will result in your Demise and Defeat. We wish you all the best of success and hope to see you all again soon for even more thrilling adventures.


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