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Hungry Shark Arena

In the shark battle royale game Hungry Shark Arena, you engage in a brutal underwater conflict for supremacy. In this underwater adventure, consume other fish to develop into the largest shark. The shark that remains standing wins! HUNT and GROW your shark to make it the ocean's largest predator. Stay at the top of the food chain by DASHING and KILLING other players. OVERCOME the threats in a merciless underwater arena.


Controls Guide

Up to 20 players are chosen at random for each round. Get out of the helicopter that was taking you there and dive into the underwater arena to start. You can start looking for food as soon as you hit the water.

You can only eat the smallest fish at first. The older you are, the more you can add to your diet, like eating bigger fish or even fish that swim or dive. You can also get points if you rush forward and try to bite or stab your opponent to death. You can grow bigger by cutting them up and eating them.

At the end of each round, get the gold. This can be used to buy new sharks in the game's store. Unlock sharks like hammerheads, anglers, and barracudas that are based on real species. The game also has a lot of fantasy and deep-sea monsters, like the Magma Shark and the Ax Head, which looks like a whale.


Drag to move, Click to accelerate!

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