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Geometry Dash

You can jump and fly through danger with Geometry Dash and fun music. You transform into a square and move to the beat of the music, soaring and gliding through dangerous passages and thorny obstacles.

Polegist, Back on Track and Stereo Madness are three game levels.

To overcome all the obstacles in the game, you must have quick reflexes. If you want to win, you have to carefully calculate the right number of points to avoid spikes and spikes caused by jumping over it. Good luck.

Controls Guide

To complete a level, the player must reach the end of the level. The player moves the block by pressing or holding the enter button. The game will restart from the beginning if the player encounters an obstacle. Practice mode is the only exception to this rule, allowing users to create checkpoints to test or train a level without actually completing it. The main gameplay elements that are often connected are the timing and rhythm of the music.


  • SPACE/UP Arrow indicates jump.
  • SPACE/UP AROW = Jump over and over.
  • UP Drive up according to the arrow.
  • DOWN ARROW: Scroll down.
  • Avoid touching the spikes to avoid having to start over.

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