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Flappy Bird

With straight forward gameplay and graphics that are reminiscent of the past, Flappy Bird is a smartphone game that manages to be both straightforward and addictive. The gameplay is simple, so even players with little prior experience will be able to enjoy it, and the graphics harken back to a simpler time in gaming.


The on-screen controls in Flappy Bird are straightforward, making it simple for players to direct their cute bird through a maze of difficult obstacles. The fact that the game is controlled with a single tap contributes both to the aggravating character of the experience and to its addicting quality. The following is a rundown of the control options:

Tap: Tapping anywhere on the display will cause the bird's wings to flap in response. Your taps need to be properly timed, in order to successfully pass between the holes in the pipes, so as to prevent crashing.


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