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Egg Hill Climb

Playing the adventure game Egg Hill Climb is a lot of fun to do. Collect money along the way as you navigate the challenging courses with the two young players. You need to work together with the other players to get the stolen money from the bank and reach the end of the level.

You have to flee at the same time, and you can't be too far apart from one another, as you do it. You are part of a group. Get all of the coins, then run out of the bank after you've emptied it. Coins should be collected and brought along.

You have successfully completed the level when you have obtained both the red and blue money boxes, as well as two safes that are completely full of money.


Controls Guide

*To move the red game and modify its balance, press the „WASD" keys on your keyboard.
*To move the blue game and alter its balance, press the „arrow keys" on your keyboard.
*This game is playable on mobile devices. Here is the Option for mobile control.

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