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Duo Nether

Are you prepared to face even greater challenges in the next installment of this Duo Nether game? If so, then you should go on this journey. The challenge posed by the journey is getting steadily worse.


Everywhere you look, there are dangerous creatures and deadly traps. Spread the word to your friend as soon as possible and come along on this journey. Keep in mind that you are about to embark on an experience that is far more difficult. Both Steve and Alex have become more skilled with their respective Swords. To successfully throw the sword, you need to be elevated above the ground.

Extermination of all of the foes by jumping and then throwing the sword. Gather together all of the bone dust stones that are blank. Once the chests are opened, you will both be able to proceed to the door.



Controls Guide

Used the WASD and arrow keys to play the game. There is Support for Touch-Control via Mobile Devices. You can throw the sword by pressing the Q and P keys simultaneously.

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