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Duel of Builders

You will have the opportunity to engage in challenging physical combat with either your buddy or the computer in Duel of Builders, a game that combines elements of action, platforming, and adventure.

As you leap, you should gather the wrenches that fall from the sky to replenish your arsenal of weapons and protect yourself from the nearly inevitable death that will befall you at the hands of your adversary.

A player who is prepared to live a one-of-a-kind experience and is bold and shrewd will be the only one who has a chance to win. Put your reflexes on high alert, take pleasure in the excitement that is rushing through your veins, and immerse yourselves in pixel visuals that are both simple and detailed. Dies will enable you to experience this enjoyable activity to the maximum extent possible.



Controls Guide

Player 1: Movement: W, A, S, and D-Players R: Alter the State of Weapon Space: Attack Keyboard Input for

Player 2: Progression O: Alter Your Weapon Use P: Attack

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