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Doodle Cricket

A delightful and exciting cricket experience is what Doodle Cricket promises. Playing this entertaining sports game will transport you to a cricket planet full of cute little insects.

To fight the crafty snails, enlist in the ranks of the seasoned insects. The goal is to hit the ball cricket as far as you can without letting it hit the three sticks that are behind you. With accuracy and quick reflexes, you will guide your cricket squad to victory in this entertaining game. 


How to play

Enlist in the Army of Cricket: Launch the game and pretend to be a cricket player ready to face off against the nimble snails.

Hitting the cricket ball as far as you can is your main goal. Use your timing and reflexes to strike the ball with precision.

Prevent Stick Loss: Remain acutely aware of the three sticks that are behind you. It's game over, if the puck hits any one of your three sticks, so you better play strong defense.

You will score more points, the further you hit the ball. Ascend the Leaderboard by aiming for high scores.

Savor the Supporting Crowd: Throughout the game, animals and insects will chant your name. Remain focused and don't let them down!

Please feel free to notify your friends over for a fun round of competition, if you enjoy the game.

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