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Cookie Clicker

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Cookie Clicker 2, the best online free idle game where your goal is to create cookies in order to dominate the universe. The player obtains Cookies by clicking on the enormous Cookie that is displayed.

Cookies that have been earned can be used to purchase assets or improvements in order to increase the amount of cookies that can be earned. There are hundreds of different achievements and milestones to reach in this game. It is a highly addictive game of inactivity.

How to play

If you want cookies, go here: To get started making cookies, start by clicking the huge cookie that's displayed on the screen.
Invest Your Cookies in Better Production Rates. You may invest your cookies in better production rate improvements by using them. These Enhancements can take the form of anything from grandmas to farms to factories and beyond.
Production of Cookies Can Be Automated. As You Accumulate More Cookies, You Will Be Able To Purchase Buildings That Will Produce Cookies For You Automatically Over Time. You can earn Cookies with this method, even if you are not actively clicking on anything.
Unlock accomplishments: The game has accomplishments, that can be unlocked if certain benchmarks and goals have been met. These achievements grant rewards.
Experiment with alternative techniques: To maximize your cookie production and obtain greater scores, you need to experiment with a variety of upgrade pathways and alternative techniques.

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