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Car Eats Car: Dungeon Adventure

Are you up for a dramatic race on the highway, where you will compete against other drivers? As you progress through Car Eats Car: Dungeon Adventure, you will be able to defeat foes and construct your own vehicle in the incubator.

Your companions have been imprisoned; you must do everything in your power to free the bad automobiles. Diese frantic driving simulator and police chase game requires you to have good driving skills and turbo speed in order to keep up with the action. Become a car tycoon, improve your vehicles, and compete against law enforcement in a game of monster automobiles! In these ultimate wild races, you must fight the boss in order to stay alive.


Controls Guide

Space is for bombs, X is for turbo. W is for gas. The arrow keys are for gas, brake and balancing, while the S-key is for the brake.

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