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Cannon Basketball

To advance to the next level in Cannon Basketball, the player must complete basketball-themed obstacles in the vein of Angry Birds. The goal of each level is to blast a basketball through a hoop using a cannon that the user controls.

Instructions for Use Cannon Basketball

Players use the mouse to aim and fire balls at targets, collecting stars and placing them in a basket at the end of each level.

To win a round, you must get all three stars and then make a basket. Aim well and fire away to rack up as many points as you can.

Features Cannon Basketball

To provide players the best possible experience, the developers included a number of challenging obstacles, engaging goals, and breathtaking sights.

Tips for Succeeding Cannon Basketball

Each level requires you to control a cannon and shoot balls into a basket to progress.

Shooting balls till you get the round is required if the basket is blocked by anything from empty cells to wooden barriers.

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