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Battle Farmer 2 Player

The Game Battle Farmer 2 Player is a game that is extraordinarily engaging and entertaining. Have you ever been successful in capturing chickens that have gotten away? You are obligated to catch each and every chicken. You need to move quickly in order to catch the hens that have escaped.

Farmers are competing with one another. It is imperative that the red and blue farms come out on top. You can win the race by pretending to be any farmer. Participate in the game with a friend and try to gather the chickens as rapidly and as early as you can. You are tasked with recapturing all of the chickens that have escaped. Whoever can amass 10 chickens in the shortest amount of time will emerge victorious.



Controls Guide

To move about, use the WASD keys as well as the arrow keys. The winner is the person, who can collect 10 chickens the quickest. *You have one minute and twenty seconds to round up all of the chickens.

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