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Basket Slam

Make use of this basketball Slam game to improve your abilities while also having a good time. Basket Slam Dunk 2 is a fun and challenging basketball game that also puts your talents to the test. You have the potential to produce the most stunning baskets by using the one-touch control approach.
You might demonstrate that you are the most skilled player by participating in an addicting game in which you are able to play against the computer, play against a buddy on the same screen, or play against other people online.

In the second chapter of Basket Slam Dunk 2, you will play the role of assisting the main character as he continues to hone his skills in a sport similar to basketball by shooting baskets. On the screen, you will observe a basketball being played.
Your persona will maintain a certain degree of separation between them. If you click anywhere on the screen, a discounted price will be brought up for you. It allows you to adjust the amount of force that your hero leaps with. If your calculation is accurate, your hero will be in front of the ring and will score a ball at him as soon as you force him to undertake this action. This will happen as soon as you persuade him to do this action.

Controls Guide

Use a mouse to play

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